French expansion of X3M officially launched thanks to targeted brand awareness campaign

Xtreme Concepts, the roadshow architect (X3M) has the largest and most up-to-date range of mobile promotional, hospitality and roadshow vehicles in Europe. Their customers can rely on high-end vehicles and trailers for their mobile, digital showrooms: pop-up shops, mobile stages, hospitality units, mobile radio and TV studios, roadshow trailers and information/training and service units.

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The challenge

Our client enjoys good brand recognition in Belgium, but still has great growth potential in this area in France. Greater reach and brand awareness in France is thus the challenge before us. Or in the words of owner Serge, “no roadshow should be organised without at least giving me a chance to introduce X3M”. So clear objective that applies to several countries and with France as priority at the moment.

The solution

Start at the beginning: a thorough analysis of the target audience(s), scrutinize the operation of the current website, and map the use and reach of current (media) channels. Based on this audit, we can define a long-term strategy subject to the necessary adjustments to the existing channels. To get started, we define a 6-month program and roll out an action plan. For X3M, the focus was on targeted communications through Google Ads and Social Media (Meta + LinkedIn). Specifically for France, we focused on agencies and in Belgium more on CEOs and marketing managers.

The approach

A picture says more than 1,000 words, so we started with a (branding) video of X3M that we deployed to the maximum. We highlighted the various roadshows through Meta and LinkedIn. We developed new landing pages and also optimised the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for the website. So a focused action plan to get results quickly.

The result

We can really say that the approach has paid off. The number of website visitors increased by a whopping 187.6% on average. In Belgium, the number of visitors increased by 168% and in France – where our focus was – by a whopping 289.02%. Paris also came in at number 1 in the number of visitors to the website.

So quantitatively very good but above all with the right target group in mind: interested people from France. The number of visitors does not say it all, in the 6 months of this campaign, there were as many as 9 times more applications online than the period before. That’s what Serge was all about and us too: turning visitors into enquiries that lead to sales.

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The next steps

Based on these excellent results, Serge did not hesitate for a moment to continue the investment.

With a focus on acquiring even more applications online, now additional video content created for Meta, LinkedIn and SEA (Search Engine Advertising); email campaigns are set up (with relevant content); are specific landing pages created and the roadshows and the vehicles themselves are promoted in a targeted way through social media channels.

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