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For many, digital marketing equates to setting up online ads, but it is so much more than that. Online marketing includes all the actions you create to highlight your product or service and achieve goals. That’s why we prefer to talk about performance marketing, which covers it better. Surely you want to be able to measure the results of your current campaigns, consequently refine future actions to achieve better and better results? Curious how we can help with that?

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Online marketing with Lead On

From a thoughtful digital marketing strategy, together we set up an online omnichannel marketing plan. Performance Marketing is what we do best. For the digital marketing goals below, you can count on the in-depth experience of our Lead On team:

1. Rank higher in search engines through SEO & SEA

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Advertising

Improve your brand’s visibility in search engines like Google by understanding what queries people land on your website with. Capitalizing on that by turning keyword analysis into clear website text will do wonders for your number of website visitors. If you want to get even better results faster, you can use Google Ads. Search, Performance Max, Shopping, YouTube, Discovery and Display, … we’d love to show you around the Google landscape.

2. Send automated messages that prompt action

Marketing Automation
Email Marketing

Are you already working with a marketing automation tool that simplifies the setup, follow-up and tracking of your campaigns? By automating your marketing campaigns, you will also ensure that your target audience is in contact with your brand at regular intervals and that they receive relevant messages. A well thought out email marketing strategy is essential in this regard. We are happy to help you choose the right formulas for your organization

3. Reach specific audiences with social media marketing

Social Media

When asked “which social media channels are best to use to reach your target audience,” our online specialists know the answer. The combination of organic posts and ads offers unique targeting opportunities and creates a greater online brand experience. As part of your omnichannel marketing plan, a social media content strategy will be created. This may include Meta (Instagram & Facebook), TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit and Pinterest. But Waze is also not unknown to us.

4. Create attractive, catchy online content

Social Media

How your brand looks and communicates has a big impact on your conversion rate. People automatically show less interest if your website is outdated, your branding is inconsistent or your communications are irrelevant. Don’t let this block your online marketing efforts!
With Lead On, you can get consistent corporate identity, catchy copywriting, attractive graphic and web design and effective (video) content creation for ads or social media.

5. Optimize conversion goals.


Getting as many conversions as possible. Often the main goal of performance marketing. An essential component is Conversion Rate Optimization. With CRO, you ensure that all your marketing channels become more profitable. 

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