Advertising on Google

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about growing your business online, and Google is one of the many possibilities. On Google, this can be done in two ways, organically through SEO and advertising through Google Ads. Through advertising, Google offers you the perfect opportunity to reach your customers in the right way and at the right time, thus increasing your company’s online findability.

What does advertising on Google entail?

Google is one of the largest search engines in the world, generating about 3.5 billion searches daily. So being shown among these with your website is golden for your business. In addition, Google also offers various advertising options, so you can advertise in search results (Search Ads), on Youtube through Video Ads or Display and numerous other possibilities. An additional reason to advertise on Google is because your competitors are also doing it, and as a business you still want to do as well or better than the competition.

Google Ads: campaign types

Advertising through Google is very popular. Therefore, for many companies, Google Ads are part of the marketing mix if they want to have an online presence. With Google Ads, there are several ways to reach potential customers.

When you create a new Google Ads campaign, you must first select one of 8 goals. Then the different campaign types appear for selection.

Google Shopping
Google Discover
google display
Google Search
Performance max

Advertising on Google costs

How much does it cost to advertise on Google? A question that we hear every day. In fact, this is entirely up to you. With Google, you usually pay per click that someone presses on your ad. Most companies start with a fixed advertising budget per month. Based on the results, we can adjust this continuously. So you can quickly start advertising on Google. The trick is in setting up targeted Google Ads campaigns with the right bidding strategies and keywords to get as many inquiries/leads or sales out of your budget as possible.

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Our checklist for getting started with advertising on Google

  1. Check your website tracking. If you can’t measure key conversions on the website then Google will have a very difficult time optimizing campaigns. So getting conversion tracking right is a must. We often see a lot of errors here with new accounts. So definitely double check!
  2. Think thoroughly about which keywords are important to be found on with your ads. So a keyword research is at the root of this. By the way, you can certainly incorporate these learnings into the SEO approach for your business.
  3. Think about the structure of your ad account. Are you going to bet only on search ads? Is your ideal target audience also on YouTube? If you sell products then shopping or performance max can also be very interesting. If you operate in different countries, this also has an impact on the campaigns as it is often best to set up a different campaign for each country.
  4. Fully build out your chosen ad structure in Google Ads. Be sure to consider the other technical settings such as bidding strategies, targeting, assets,…
  5. Determine what budget you can free up to advertise on Google.
  6. Make sure your landing pages on the website are optimized to encourage the additional influx of visitors to take action. You can send a lot of additional visitors to the website but a poorly optimized landing page will not generate a large influx of leads or customers.
  7. Drive converting ads. Your ad on Google is the first impression that many people have about your business. So these should be on point immediately.
  8. Make sure the correct links are set. Link your Google Ads account with your Google Analytics 4 account.
  9. Launch your campaigns and monitor them closely. Are you often at the top of search results? Are you showing on the right keywords? Are there any words that we should exclude? How is the CTR? What are visitors doing on the website?
  10. Analyze your campaigns and make continuous adjustments to get the most out of your ad budget.

What factors determine whether my Google ad will be shown?

Ad Rank determines whether your Google ads will be shown in search results and at what position. Ad Rank is calculated every time your ad enters the auction to be shown. As a result, your ad may often appear in different places in search results. The context of a search query, your competition & your ad qualities play a big role here.

Ad Rank has contains several factors:

  • Your bid
  • The quality of the ads and landing page (Hello SEO!)
  • Context of the search
  • The expected impact of your ad


With Google, you usually pay per click that someone presses on your ad. Most companies start with a fixed advertising budget per month. Based on the results, we can adjust this continuously. So you can quickly start advertising on Google.

You start by creating a Google Ads account for your business. Within this account, you can set up the appropriate links and format campaigns.

This can include several things.

  1. Appear at the top of Google search results for potential customers.
  2. Show video content to people on YouTube
  3. Appear in banners on relevant websites

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