SEO is short for “search engine optimization”. 
This includes all the processes and improvements that aim to make a website appear higher in Google.

In short, SEO is crucial because it makes your website more visible, and that means more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an Internet strategy that attempts to organically attract more people to your website. It does this by understanding how search engines work, the algorithms used, what exactly people search for and which search engines are preferred by (potential) visitors. The goal is to rank as high as possible on the SERP, or Search Engine Results Page, and thus generate more traffic and (potential) customers to a website.

But much more than that, SEO also has to do with the technical side of your website. How long does it take for certain elements to load on your website, is it suitable for mobile users, is it accessible to different people, and so on.

SEO actually ensures that all your channels are easy to find, optimized for different platforms, people have a good experience and get to see the content they want. If all these things are met then you will score near the top on the SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages.

SEO Checklist

At Lead On, we love sharing our digital marketing knowledge with you. Want to learn more about what SEO is all about specifically? Download our checklist quickly.

Why is SEO important

The higher you rank in Google, the faster someone will click on your website. The more visitors, the greater the chance of conversion. You get better brand awareness because potential customers will come across your company on multiple search terms. The big advantage of SEO here is that you don’t have to invest sky-high budgets to get more exposure. Time is the biggest investment.

✔️ Free Visitors
✔️ Trust
✔️ Some people never click on ads
✔️Altijd visible

Different types of SEO

SEO toolstack

Tools make every SEO expert’s life more manageable. At Lead On, we use the best tools.

SEO tools offer a lot of data and alerts about the health and success of your website.

Our SEO tools help uncover opportunities and identify weaknesses or problems that may be keeping you from ranking well and being visible in the SERPs.

Just as real tools each have a specific role, so does SEO.

How to measure SEO

There are numerous metrics you can track to measure your SEO results. But not all of them are equally important or relevant to your business.

Here is a list of key metrics that can give you a comprehensive overview of your SEO performance.

✔️ Organic traffic
✔️ Keyword rankings
✔️ SERP visibility
✔️ Click Through Rate
✔️ Engagement time on site
✔️ Page Speed
✔️ Conversion Rate

Working out a good SEO strategy

An SEO strategy is a plan of action designed to improve a website’s rankings and increase organic search traffic.

It is a detailed to-do list that helps you focus on the things that bring more traffic and revenue through SEO. Want to know more about how to get started with SEO? Read our SEO blog.

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