Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel, a form of direct marketing and digital marketing, using email to promote your company’s products or services.

Why email marketing?

E-mail marketing is the best way to get and stay in touch with (potential) customers. The whole world uses e-mail and this is only going to get more so.

It is therefore advisable to use e-mail marketing as part of your digital marketing. If you are not using email as part of your online marketing strategy, you are missing out on an important communication tool.

With a good email strategy, you can turn your many leads into customers.

Email marketing tools

Setting up an email campaign from scratch is not easy. Fortunately, there are several email marketing tools to help you get the job done.

email automation flow

Benefits of email marketing

Reaching your customers more directly and personally but certainly keeping customers or “fans” of your company connected to it. Delivering relevant content regularly keeps you top of mind with your visitor and keeps the contact warm. Through email marketing, you also have an important channel to ask questions of your contacts. Someone who has made the effort to sign up to receive your communication is more likely to be willing to answer questions.

Through e-mail marketing, you can not only send information but you can also influence your target audience to take certain actions.

Email & automation

Email automation is the way to create emails that reach the right people with the right message at the right time, without having to do the work every time, by sending automated messages using a marketing automation tool.

email automation flow

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