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What is performance marketing?

Performance marketing stands for deploying activities that lead directly to measurable results. Efficiency and results are constantly evaluated by performance marketers. Based on that, they can optimize the performance of all your digital channels. In performance marketing, the goal is to get your target audience to take actions, measuring and optimizing those actions.

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How do I get started with performance marketing?

In performance marketing, it is important to first set clear marketing objectives. Make sure you have a good understanding of your target audience, that you know how to reach them and through what channels. It is also important to provide good content on your website and in your ads. Without feeding your target audience with good and relevant content, you won’t be able to convince them to choose your product/service. To set up the campaigns, it is important to have a good strategy. This will help you know how best to set up the campaigns, and what might be optimization opportunities for later.

While running the campaigns, it is important to analyze the results. That way you can see what works better and what doesn’t. Using this information, you can optimize campaigns to get more results. How to get more results with performance marketing?

By analyzing and optimizing your marketing campaigns, you can get more and better results. By doing A/B testing, you can see which content works better for your target audience. Based on these results, you can create new content that will get even more and better results from your campaigns.

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Difference performance marketing and digital marketing?

Performance marketing and digital marketing are closely related concepts. Digital marketing is the umbrella term for all marketing activities that use digital channels and tools.

Performance marketing is a particular kind of targeted marketing. Has a laser focus on directly measurable actions and results. The success of campaigns is judged by specific conversions and ROI. This requires accurate tracking and attribution.

It is a way of working that ensures that as many results as possible are achieved.

The benefits of performance marketing

Performance marketing has several benefits.

  • All results are measurable

  • Get insights into consumer behavior

  • Higher return on investment

  • Focus on improving performance for your business

  • Reaching your ideal target audience more easily

  • Continuous monitoring ensures more efficient campaigns

Performance marketing terms

Abbreviation Term Explanation
CTR Click-Through-Rate How often clicked through (clicks/impressions)
CPC Cost per Click The cost per click on the ad
CPM Cost per Mille The cost per 1000 times the ad is shown
CPA Cost per Acquisition The cost an advertiser pays to generate a specific conversion or acquisition
ROI Return On Investment The return for an investment in ads
CR Conversion Rate The percentage of people who take a desired action after clicking on your ad
CRO Conversion Rate Optimization The process used in online marketing to improve a website's conversion rate
CDP Customer Data Platform A software solution used to collect, manage and analyze customer data.

These companies are putting full effort into performance marketing

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Threon’s digital marketing facelift

Increase in relevant website visitors
35 sec.
Increase in average time on their pages
More conversions and enrollments

French expansion of X3M officially launched thanks to targeted brand awareness campaign

Total number of website visitors
Visitors within target audience
Total requests

How do I choose a performance marketing agency?

Selecting the right performance marketing agency, whether an agency, consultancy, or consulting partner, is critical to the success of your digital marketing strategy. At Lead On, we understand that every collaboration begins with a good conversation. During a comprehensive introductory meeting, we explore the possibilities of serving as your performance marketing partner. We carefully evaluate your business needs to determine how we can add the most value.

At Lead On, a team of enthusiastic, passionate performance marketing consultants is ready to help you.

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Our expertise sets us apart from the competition. Lead On has a proven track record of delivering results-oriented performance marketing services. Our approach is based on in-depth market analysis, creative strategies and data-driven decision making. This allows us to respond flexibly and effectively to changing market dynamics and your company’s specific challenges.

At Lead On, we strive to be more than just a performance marketing agency; we want to be your trusted partner in digital performance marketing. By focusing on innovative solutions and personalized service, we help your business not only grow, but thrive in the digital landscape.

To improve effectiveness, you can run A/B tests, create relevant and engaging ad content, and analyze performance regularly to make optimizations.

ROI is calculated by comparing the revenue you earned from your campaign to the costs you incurred.

(Revenue - Cost) / Cost * 100

By doing remarketing in your campaigns, you will reach the target audience you have already reached once again. This way, you can still convert people who are not yet convinced based on the right message.

No, performance marketing can be applied by both online and physical businesses. It is focused on achieving good measurable results. These can be adapted to the needs of different business types. Thus, any company can improve its results.

The marketing budget should be based on your goals, cost per acquisition (CAC) and expected ROI. A healthy balance between investment and expected return is essential.

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