Threon’s digital marketing facelift

is a consulting firm with more than 100 experts who help their clients turn strategy into results. Threon not only has the experts available but also the right tools to help you work efficiently. Thanks to a clear dashboard, you always know where you stand. With more than 20 years of experience in the BeNeLux, Threon offers each client support in effectiveness (doing the right things) and efficiency (doing things right) and implementation decisions (Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid). That is Threon’s trademark.

Increase in relevant website visitors
35 sec.
Increase in average time on their pages
More conversions and enrollments

The challenge

Our client enjoys an excellent reputation with their customers, but still has a large growth potential in terms of awareness in the BeNeLux. Increasing website traffic, growing the number of valuable leads and increasing registrations on webinars and roundtables are the main challenges Threon presented to Lead On in the summer of 2021. Immediately also one of our first loyal customers!

The solution

To measure is to know. Threon asked us to conduct a thorough analysis of the situation in September 2021. This comprehensive analysis of the website, its target audiences, their SEA, SoMe and email marketing, led to extremely valuable insights. Based on this knowledge, we were able to determine together a strategy for the first year. We also immediately added some “quick wins” to optimize the website (which was then later completely revamped based on these adjustments) and we could certainly suggest LinkedIn ads to communicate in a targeted way to the right audience in the BeNeLux.

The approach

The basis of the strategy was to immediately implement a thorough
SEO optimization
both technically and in terms of content. Thanks to that SEO optimization, we were able to more than increase the number of visitors coming to the website.

Center piece of the strategy is LinkedIn and that for Threon’s various projects:

    • Webinars (BeNeLux): boosting the number of registrations

    • Inspiration Days: more registrations for Belgium and the Netherlands

    • Vacancies: increase inflow of applications in BeNeLux

    • Academy: increase enrollment (Belgium and Netherlands)

    • Trainings: increase enrollment (Belgium and the Netherlands)

    • E-books: increase number of downloads

    • Surveys: increase number of participants

In January 2022, Threon launched a completely new website with thorough tracking so that everything became perfectly measurable. The new website thus became an inexhaustible source of insights and leads. Meanwhile, we also set up Google Analytics 4, this way we are prepared for the future and have enough data to work on.

The result

During the period from 01/09/2021 to 31/08/2022 (1 full year), we managed to record an increase in relevant visitors on all fronts, both quantitative and qualitative. Some figures:

    • Website visitors (24,329)
        • From Belgium 40% instead of 38% a year ago

        • From the Netherlands 18% instead of 11% a year ago

        • From Luxembourg 4% instead of 2%

        • So overall an increase of 62% relevant visitors (from the relevant countries) up from 51% a year ago

    • The average time on website pages has increased from 1:04 a year ago to 1:39 now. This has been achieved through better content, more accurate targeting and meeting visitor expectations in general by improving content on the website.

  • Also the conversions (from leads to subscriptions e.g.) had a nice positive evolution:
      • In Belgium from 51% to 55%

      • In the Netherlands from 15% to 17%

      • In Luxembourg from 7 to 8%
social media marketing shoot

The next steps

Based on these great results, Threon asked to roll out the strategy further and thus continue to focus on reach and brand awareness, focusing on the Netherlands and Luxembourg this time. We will also continue to boost enrollment by remarketing through Facebook and also with LinkedIn campaigns. Finally, we are going to highlight training and the academies even more.

We are already looking forward to putting this customer of the first hour in the spotlight (and flowers) for another year!

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