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Who is Qlevr?

Qlevr is a company that has 5 different brands under it, which might ring a bell: Puckababy, Aerosleep, AeroMoov, Fidella & Nonomo.

Led by Steven Vanbelle, the company, based in Erembodegem (Aalst), has grown through acquisitions into a player, operating in more than 15 countries. Qlevr’s specialisation is to offer innovative sleep and travel products for young children so that parents can fully enjoy their lives with their kids.

Under the motto ‘every parent creates a future‘ and with its own baseline of ‘early life starters‘, Qlevr focuses on adding value for babies and young children with their five brands. Embracing that future is the passion of the company and the young parents who work for it,

Qlevr’s products can of course be found in all good baby specialty shops and in wider retail, but E-commerce is of course not absent from this innovative company either. That the latter was the focus for Lead On is obvious.

Days per week

The challenge

The purpose of our assignment was to pass on knowledge so that more experience could be built internally. So we were given not only an executive mandate but also a mandate to transfer knowledge and expertise. During our assignment, the aim was also to think cross-brand across the 5 products, no pigeonholing and out-of-the-box. That way, we strengthen customer loyalty and the products reinforce each other. No assignment without a financial objective, of course: generate more revenue by proving that a better performance marketing approach pays off. Finally, Qlevr was also facing a website migration and we were asked to help manage that transition.

The solution

Qlevr decided to group all the work previously done by different agencies under one roof and under the direction of one consultant from Lead On. One stop, single point of contact. We worked with an in-house consultancy of 3 days a week for this assignment, carried out by one of our experts.

The approach

First step was a full analysis of all advertising, of all available content and, of course, an SEO analysis. This allowed a plan of action to be written out and campaign structures to be worked out and set up step by step.

Meanwhile, a website migration plan was drawn up and guidance provided for the launch of new websites. A universal UTM & naming convention (GA4 proof) was worked out and set up. Processes were written out to arrive at the best workflows and briefing documents developed per channel (creative & text reqs).

Finally, the Google, Social and Marketplace campaigns were monitored and refined, and the learnings were well monitored and implemented from all the brands together. Through targeted weekly reporting, everything was optimised quickly and efficiently.

The result

The transition to a new CMS & website domain was seamless. Qlevr now has a full SEO plan of action for the coming year. A complete overhaul & optimisation of all ongoing online campaigns. The knowledge transfer was fully implemented during a fine collaboration with the team. Job accomplished and a satisfied customer.

The next steps

The brief was for Qlevr to continue under its own steam and to secure knowledge internally. Lead On has fully succeeded in that and we are proud of it. We are already ready for one similar assignment for those who also want to build the knowledge internally. And yes, a mission to make ourselves redundant at the end, we think that’s perfect! Who’s next?

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