Alcohol-free cocktails? Nona Drinks!

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NONA is Belgium’s first alcohol-free gin. NONA Drinks also produces the world’s first non-alcoholic Spritz and the first ginger-based non-alcoholic spirit. They are premium non-alcoholic spirits for enjoying non-alcoholic cocktails without compromise. Produced in Belgium and distilled from quality, natural ingredients from the hand of Charlotte. Healthy, tasty and local. To enjoy yourself or give as a gift. You will find NONA in concept stores, specialty shops, liquor shops and retail such as Delhaize, in the better restaurants and bars as well as through its own Webshop.

Increase in total sales
Total number of orders
Webshop conversion rate

The challenge

Raising brand awareness: making sure everyone spontaneously thinks of NONA when they think of non-alcoholic cocktails. Increase online visibility so that repetition with the target audience leads to better awareness and more purchases.

A specific request from NONA was to be able to work with a permanent consultant who could join the team from within and fully immerse himself in NONA’s story. Our Lead On consultant needed to not only grow brand awareness but also increase website sales results and also significantly increase the impact of the other online channels.

The solution

In consultation with the client, we created a detailed and well-organized action plan with the most relevant online channels. That way, together with the internal team, we were able to perfectly assess what needed to be done and what we could expect as a result.

Specifically, we set up and continuously monitored and optimized Google, Meta and Pinterest ads. This both with an insertion for brand awareness and increase in online sales.

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NONA June - Summer

The approach

  • Set up and launch of new distribution channels through the online marketplaces.
  • Technical links between the platforms and NONA’s web shop so that as much as possible could be automated and the internal team had to do as little administrative follow-up manually as possible.
  • Strategy, a/b testing and optimization of the web shop itself with a focus on increased online sales.
  • A clear dashboard for NONA so they can view all numbers in 1 place in real time at all times.
    • Performance of the campaigns
    • Performance of the website itself
    • Sales performance of the web shop
  • Custom conversions allowed us to roll out the most optimal way to measure conversions and provide a clear overview of specific sales results.

The result

Start of LeadOn efforts (1 December 2022) to today (September 2023) compared to the same period a year before.

  • Total sales + 14 %
  • Total orders +19%
  • Online store conversion rate +19%
  • Returning customer rate + 8%
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The next steps

Thanks to the success of the partnership (brand awareness and sales results), NONA extended the contract and asked to roll out the campaigns for neighbouring countries in France, Germany and the Netherlands as well. This is how we grow with our customer and this is how we like it: a win-win!

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