Social media content

This introduction to social media basics will be given by Quinten. Quinten, with his wealth of experience and inquisitive mindset, is the ideal person to guide you through the social media landscape. He will teach you how to get started with social media yourself.

Who is it for?

What channels are there? How can they help your business grow? What is importance of good content and a coherent corporate identity? These are just some of the questions that will be answered during this training. As the title indicates, this is a basic training course and so it is intended for newbies or people who want to start with social media.

What will you learn?

Quinten will teach you how social media works and which channel is relevant to your business. He does this by giving you relevant trends, showing you which audience is on which channel and thus is the best fit for your business. The marketing funnel and how to continue to grow organically on social media will be explored. In this way, you can decide in the future what is the optimal decision for your company. You will also be given some useful social tools that you can use on your own afterwards to stay one step ahead of your competition. Finally, helpful tips are included on how to continue to get more results for yourself in the future!

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That way, you’ll always stay on top of the latest digital trends and developments, and then be able to use them yourself!