Google Ads

What the f*ck are Google Ads?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about growing your business online, and Google is one of the many possibilities. On Google, this can be done in two ways, organically through SEO and advertising through Google Ads. Through advertising, Google offers you the perfect opportunity to reach your customers in the right way and at the right time, thus increasing your company’s online findability.

Why choose Google Ads?

Google is one of the largest search engines in the world, generating about 3.5 billion searches daily. So being featured among these is golden for your business. In addition, Google also offers various advertising options, so you can advertise in search results (Search Ads), on Youtube through Video Ads or Display and numerous other possibilities. An additional reason to advertise on Google is because your competitors are also doing it, and as a business you still want to do as well or better than the competition. Tip! To know how your competitors are doing, look at the auction insights within your Google Ads interface.

What added value does Google Ads bring?

  • Quick and concrete results

See immediately the impact of your campaigns on your results.

  • Reach your target audience

Through the right targeting, you reach your audience at the time they are looking.

  • Control your budget

Within Google’s automated system, you are still in control.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads works with a bidding system, where you as an advertiser place a maximum bid that you are willing to pay for a click on your ad. However, the placement also depends on your quality score, this figure reflects how well your ad scores. Consider a good landing page, relevant ad description, etc. Combined with the maximum bid, this forms the AdRank, which in turn determines your ad placement.

In addition, each ad type offers its own unique ad structure and capabilities, for example, a Search campaign is built around keywords and a Display campaign rather around interests and demographics. If you want to know more about the different ad types, be sure to check out the specific ad pages. In addition to different ad types, Google offers you different ad targets such as “Brand awareness and reach” or “leads.” This ensures that each campaign has a clear goal and can be optimized for it.

Finally, with Google Ads, you only pay when your ad is actually clicked (CPC) or watched with Video Ads (CPM). In other words, you only pay when your campaign produces results.

Quick wins on Google Ads

  • Use extensions for better visibility
  • Provide good and unique ad titles to generate more results.
  • Use good images for your Display campaigns

Lead On Academy

Finally, we also offer training courses including courses on Google Ads, where we take a deep dive with you into the wonderful world of Google Ads. This for beginners and experts alike. Interested please click here.

YOU 🤝 Lead On? It can be done!

As a digital performance marketing agency, we take your Google Ads strategy to the next level. We start with an introductory meeting where together we discuss your company’s wants and needs. In this, it will be clear what is expected and how we can meet these needs. Then we do a thorough analysis of the current strategy and adjust where necessary or we start from scratch and build an entire strategy, tailored to your business and your needs. In the following phases, we do analyses, optimize the campaigns and prepare reports tailored to your desired results. Convinced or still have questions please contact us soon!