LinkedIn Advertising

What is LinkedIn?

Linkedin is the social media platform of choice for sharing business in a professional environment. Therefore, it is a special opportunity to approach professional prospects and share information with this target audience. Thanks to the professional nature of the platform, it is possible to easily target your ads to your desired B2B audience.

Why use LinkedIn?

As mentioned, LinkedIn is the best platform to efficiently target B2B prospects. This is because LinkedIn has amassed a lot of data about the profiles present on this platform, just think: job title, education, number of years of experience, sector and much more. Within the vast array of social media platforms to advertise on, LinkedIn is the more expensive platform based on CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) & CPC (cost per click). However, we do see that for companies operating in the B2B market, LinkedIn has a significantly higher conversion rate once the visitors are on the website.

How do you reach your target audience on LinkedIn?

First, it is important to know that it is easy to hyper-target on LinkedIn. That is, through various required characteristics of the target audience, you make this audience very small so that you are sure to reach the right profiles. This can certainly come in handy with certain niche products, but often drives up costs quite a bit, so it’s important to always keep an eye on target audience size. Then, beyond the standard targeting options (location, language & demographics), there are lots of LinkedIn-specific audience attributes we can focus on.

These include:

  • Company characteristics (company size, industry …)
  • Education (fields of study, degree …)
  • Job experience (position, seniority …)
  • Interests (groups & interests)

By combining different targeting options, you can ensure that you reach your ideal audience on LinkedIn

Bidding strategies LinkedIn

As a bidding strategy, we recommend starting with manual bidding. If you choose manual bidding, LinkedIn will give you an indication of how much the competition is willing to give. This need not always be followed; for example, you can start with a bid below this indication and evaluate after a day whether the bid is high enough. Another bidding strategy is maximum delivery; you can choose this if LinkedIn gets enough learning points with your current budget.

How do you measure the effect of LinkedIn ads?

Like the other platforms, it is possible to install a LinkedIn pixel, the LinkedIn Insight tag. This is easily installed via Google Tag Manager and allows you to retarget people who have been on the website very easily. Furthermore, it is also possible to forward conversions to LinkedIn via Google Tag Manager, this ensures that both you and LinkedIn can efficiently optimize your campaigns that are at the bottom of the digital marketing funnel, conversion campaigns.

YOU 🤝 Lead On? It can be done!

Want to do LinkedIn ads for your business to generate more brand awareness, more conversions and more traffic to the website? Contact us and we will work with you to create a plan of action based on your needs.