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Boost your business with a digital marketing audit

SMEs and larger companies often experiment with different digital marketing tools, but they do not always get the desired results here. As a result, companies often do not know where they stand in the digital environment; however, this is important to ensure business continuity.

A thorough analysis of your company’s digital environment is a must to know where you are now, but also to know what you need to address in the future. Through an online marketing audit from Lead On, you can establish your achievable and realistic KPIs, as well as get a good understanding of your performance metrics on each digital channel. This is relevant to both owned, paid and earned activities.

Thanks to the online marketing audit, you will get a clear view of current marketing efforts with concrete recommendations and quick wins tailored to your business. Find out below which audits we offer and which one best suits your needs.

Types of digital marketing audits

Start 2 Lead

The Start 2 Lead audit is a basic audit of all your digital marketing efforts. This one is perfect for the small (start-up) entrepreneur to get started right away with the recommendations and quick wins! Consider mapping your ideal target audience and an analysis of your current social media channels with appropriate recommendations. In addition, you can also expect a thorough keyword research that can be used for both SEO and SEA purposes. Need a more in-depth analysis? Discover our other audits!

Lead On

The Lead On audit is a thorough audit of all the digital marketing efforts your company is already doing today. Everything is analyzed in this audit from SEA, SEO, social media to Email marketing! In addition, you can expect a clear marketing funnel that incorporates our plan of action to get more results. Perfect for a business to have your digital marketing analyzed for optimization with our to the point recommendations.


In the customized audit, you can specify what you want analyzed. You can choose from a kind of “menu,” this makes this audit tailored to your needs. You will also enjoy recommendations and quick wins that will help you grow your business!

SME Portfolio

Lead On is recognized by the government, that is, on the basis of the SME portfolio, SMEs receive financial support from the government. Depending on the size of your company, this is up to 30%, with a maximum support of €7,500 per year.

The grant through the [kmo-portefeuille van VLAIO]( is applicable for external training or consulting with Lead On that contributes to improving the current or future business functioning of the company.

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