Meta Advertising

What is Meta?

The Meta platforms or Meta for short is a collective name for the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Why advertise on Meta

By advertising on Meta, you can reach many people and generate more brand awareness. You can also drive more traffic to your website. By choosing the right campaign objective and the right audience, you can get good results for your business. In addition, Meta also has the most users of any social media platform, allowing you to reach and target more people with your ads.

How to advertise on Meta

Advertising on Meta offers companies and brands a powerful platform to effectively reach their target audience and increase brand awareness. With billions of active users on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, Meta allows advertisers to present their message in a highly targeted and relevant way. By using extensive targeting options and ad formats, advertisers can accurately segment their audience based on demographics, interests and behaviour. Moreover, they can measure and optimise the success of their ads using advanced analytics and reporting tools.

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Within the Meta business manager, you can create campaigns under the appropriate ad account.

When setting up Meta ads, a campaign objective must first be chosen. Thus, 6 different objectives can be chosen.

Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Leads, App promotion & Sales

Determine the media budget Meta may spend on the campaign. The more people you want to reach, the higher the necessary budget will be.

Create an online audience based on the characteristics of the people you want them to see your ad.

Now it’s time to add the content (image, video, carousel or album)

Also add all the copy now.

Use the Facebook Pixel and UTM tagging to make everything measurable.

Exciting! It’s time to put the campaign live.

Monitor campaigns to see which targeting on content works best. Spend your media budget as efficiently as possible.

After the end of the campaign, you should take a critical look at the results and take learnings for the next campaigns.

meta ads results

Results Meta campaigns

For every ad you run on Facebook, Instagram, you can view insights on how the ad performs in Meta Ads Manager. You can then compare this data with Google Analytics 4 data or data in your data warehouse to draw concrete conclusions.

YOU 🤝 Lead On? It can be done!

Want to do Meta ads for your business to generate more brand awareness, more conversions and more traffic to the website? Contact us and we will work with you to create a plan of action based on your needs.