The 8 AI tools for marketers

With AI, you can improve your company’s marketing. It can support you in several areas, allowing you to work more efficiently. In this blog, discover more about what AI is, how it can be used in marketing and the 8 commonly used AI tools.


AI stands for artificial/artificial intelligence and refers to the machines capable of performing tasks normally performed by humans. The aim is to make computers and devices think and act in a way similar to human intelligence, but faster and more accurately without human intervention.

Using AI in marketing

AI has transformed the marketing world. You can use it for various things which gives marketers a new way to understand customers, create fun experiences, create targeted content and much more!

What can AI be used for in marketing?

Customer insight

You can gain deeper insights into customer behaviour through large-scale data analysis. This allows marketers to better understand how customers interact with brands, what content works better, create targeted campaigns and then optimise them for good results. So AI can help you get easier customer insight.


This is one of the most powerful applications of AI. You can create unique experiences for customers based on their behaviour, preferences and previous interactions. This increases engagement and conversion rates. You can do this by sending customer-centric emails, dynamic content on your website based on previous purchases or browser sessions, birthday offers, and much more.

Chatbots and client service

Chatbots are often powered by AI and enable companies to have real-time interactions with customers by using language processing and machine learning. These bots can answer questions, provide support and even influence purchase decisions. So through these chatbots, you can ensure good customer service so they don’t have to wait hours for an answer.

Example chatbot

Content creation and optimization

You can also use AI as a marketer to support content creation and optimisation. It can help with writing ad copy and determining which content is most effective for certain audiences.

Sample prompt and answer to write copy

prompt copy write chatGPT

Example of how to edit images in Canva

The ‘Magic Edit’ tool lets you edit photos in Canva. For example, you can change the colour of a polo shirt. Very handy if you don’t want a certain colour in your photo. So you can also use this tool to change background, etc.

Magic edit in Canva

Through these applications, AI can help marketers work more efficiently, gain better insights into their target audiences and develop more personalised and effective marketing strategies.

Besides these applications, AI also has a major limitation and that is reliability. Never believe what AI tells you. E.g. if you ask in ChatGPT: write me a blog on topic. Then you will get a blog on the subject, but it may not contain accurate information. So be sure to check this before posting anything online. So AI is definitely interesting as support for your work and not to be used depending on it.

Commonly used AI tools in marketing

You see you can use AI for many things in the marketing world. But what are the commonly used AI tools in marketing?


ChatGPT is a gamechanger for content creation. It is an AI model based on GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) developed by OpenAI for natural language processing.

You can use this tool for:

  • Customer service and support by adding a plugin to your website.
  • Ideas for marketing campaigns
  • Writing blogs, ad copy, social media content, etc.
  • Coming up with concepts or inspiration for content creation

Now you can also take a premium version of ChatGPT (GPT4) linked to Canva. So you can do a particular assignment and get a Canva sample with your flyer, social post, etc. Which you can then also customise in Canva itself.


Some relevant prompts you can use:

  • Give me [aantal] ideas for a blog about [onderwerp].
  • Give me [aantal] reel ideas about [company, product, design].
  • Create [aantal] call-to-action ideas based on the content of this blog [URL].
  • Write [aantal] Google Ads headlines from [URL].
  • Write me 15 Google Ads headlines, maximum 30 characters across [informatie bedrijf/product/dienst]
  • Write a social media copy to generate interest in [product, service, company]


Illustroke lets you create vector illustrations based on text prompts. This can be useful for website illustrations, logos, etc. can create content in just several minutes. Very handy when you have no inspiration yourself about what to put in a particular text. You can create emails, ad texts, product descriptions, SEO texts, ideas for whitepapers or e-books, meta descriptions, and much more with it. So this tool is really focused on content writing.

Copy ai

This tool can help you with everything video-related. It can convert written content into a video, generate transcripts for long videos, an automatic teaser, etc. Especially useful if your company creates a lot of videos.


Grammarly is an English tool and, like ChatGPT, can generate ideas, create job descriptions, rewrite text, etc. You can also paste in your text to check and improve grammar, use different words, check for plagiarism, etc. So a very handy tool for the content creators among us!



This is the translation tool you need to know. With this tool, you can translate all your texts without the Google Translate errors. This tool uses machine learning to provide high-quality translations.


Surfer SEO

This tool is used for SEO content writing. It will help you create content to rank higher in search engines by giving you recommendations on which words to use, how often to use a particular word, text length, etc.

Surfer SEO AI tool

This tool allows you to create AI video content for your website, social media, etc. You can choose from the videos offered by veed itself or you can use your own footage. You can choose everything in terms of format, subtitles, text, elements, etc. It is the ideal way to easily create video content for your business.


Besides these tools, there are many AI tools you can use, but these are the most well-known.

Additional tip

How to write a good prompt for ChatGPT

To have good results, it is very important to also write a good prompt. The better your prompt is, the better the answer/result will be.

That’s how you’re going to get the information you want. So a prompt can certainly be long as long as it adds value.

  1. Be clear and specific about the information/text you want to obtain,
  2. Give background contact about what kind of company you are, what products/services you sell, etc.nd anything important to the prompt,
  3. ask maximum one thing at a time,
  4. avoid personal questions
  5. try your prompt. Is it not yet fully what you want? Then provide additional information to arrive at the result you want.

AI will undoubtedly continue to evolve, so these tools will improve and even be added. Be careful! If you have texts written by an AI tool read them carefully first, check if the facts are correct and also rewrite the text because search engines like Google penalise web pages written entirely by AI.

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